This blog is where I stash some memories, what my cranium is processing, and photos from the good times…and in that spirit, I meant to post some pictures of my vacation last November with Anne-Marie…but nope. I didn’t.

So in my typical style of procrastination and forgetfulness…here’s my favourite photos from the holiday.


IMG_6022Just holding some baby crocidiles

IMG_6006Terrifyingly and stunning.


We were praying and asking God to bring us a Cuban Christian friend so that we could give someone Spanish Bibles we brought over. Bibles aren’t easy to get in Cuba and a lot of Christians don’t have them…so were stoked when we met Yandy. He was pretty happy to be able to give them to his friends.

Yandy told me, “There aren’t a lot of Christians here. I think I’m the only one who works here at the hotel.” Then he smiles, “but I tell my friends and co-workers about Jesus and they say ‘Yandy, you’re crazy’…but I keep telling them anyway.”



I deeply love this sister of mine.




One thought on “Cuba

  1. Thank you for sharing! Love seeing your pictures and how you are shinning Gods light across the ocean! You inspire me. God bless!


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