10 thoughts on “coming alive

  1. This is so incredibly beautiful, Charissa! It all resonates deeply with my soul and feels so familiar. Exhaustion, desperation, and feelings of failure definitely make our hearts hungry for the presence of our Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for being vulnerable. I am so blessed by it tonight!

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  2. Charissa, thank you for being vulnerable and sharing these beautiful thoughts! They resonated so strongly with me and I’m so grateful for these words that God gave you, and for your courage to share them! I am realizing that I too will come to God before the storm, and after the storm, whatever it is, but I often get so busy in the storm fighting for myself, that I forget He has already done that, and is there through the storm if I’ll just look up.

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  3. It hurts to know someone so precious to me – and living so close by! – has such a deep heartache that I haven’t helped. Yet, that God is faithful to be with you, Charissa, and that you are faithful to see His presence is comfort to me – and light to my path!

    I love you, precious sister.

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  4. This was so encouraging to read for me today! You are so real and have an amazing ability to express your thoughts and feelings on paper. Thanks for sharing 💗

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