lie combat

When we think of lies, what comes to mind?

My first thought is something bold-faced black and outrageously obvious. Something you might dismiss with one quick thought…because very noticeably, it’s simply not true.

What I’ve come to realize is that lies wear disguises…usually masquerading as an ugly truth (2 Corinthians 11:14). It’s clever really. They’re geared to our weak points, often places we’ve been hurt before…and somehow, they sneak into our minds…and eventually, if untended, our hearts. Lies pretend to be reality.

Eventually, we start telling ourselves lies. I’m not talented…not handsome…not enough…not smart…no one cares…I’m alone…God can’t use me…I can’t forgive…I can’t change…I’ll never be free…God’s not there…

…and the list can get pretty long.

Truth over Lies

We don’t realize the repercussions of allowing lies to be whispered quietly in our ears. Sometimes we even silently congratulate ourselves on our “humility” in embracing an area where we’re “not good enough”. I know I have.

But in the process of embracing lies of who we are…we tightly tie strings around our fists…our feet…our mouths. It might be invisible, but they’re there. The lies change us to it’s own nature..and we find ourselves incapacitated to bring healing to those who need it. Our hands our tied…and our hearts are wounded.

Several months ago, God put it on my heart to start a video channel. After my car accident, Jesus started bringing things to mind and kept me up in the night with things He wanted me to share.

I’m new at it, but I do believe that, at the very least, there’s one person that is supposed to be encouraged by this video.

Note: The part where I talk about struggling with a specific lie, when I say to write it down….what I’m implying is to write down the truth to cover that lie, in case you didn’t catch my gist.

If you’re looking for specific verses of scripture to cover yourself in, try using Bible Hub and do a topical search. When you find scripture that speaks truth over your situation/lie, write it down…memorize it…pray about it…and then watch as the Holy Spirit starts to heal your heart.

If we are covered in truth, no lie can penetrate


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