I’m Charissa. Layered and scattered. I think in colours, rather than in lines and numbers. I forget to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. Nothing is perfect.

Most of my life I spent in a family band touring the states and Canada. I grew up loving the stage, the mic, and feeling comfortable
singing and sharing my stories with strangers. Now I live in Vancouver pursuing my art and working at a clinic.

There’s a lot of things I love. I can’t finish a list…but if I were to start one, it’d have to have music, acting, mixing colours, hiking, meeting people, writing, and worshiping. My heart belongs to Jesus and nothing could change that.

I also have been blogging at Colourful Palate for about 4 years.

But this blog will be a creative outlet, a place to think and explore, and probably share some crazy. Every day something ridiculous happens. I collect and create stories, paintings, songs, and word art.

So hello…


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